Highways Improvements

We are aware that there are concerns about the impact of 262 new homes on the highway network. We have listened to the local community and discussed our proposals at length with the highway authority, Surrey County Council. As a result, our proposals include the following works to the highway network, subject to the agreement of Surrey County Council:

  1. Improvement works to the Eashing Lane and A283 junction at Milford. This will provide new right and left hand turn lane from Eashing Lane onto the A283 and a new left hand slip lane from the A283 into Eashing Lane.
  2. Traffic calming measures along Eashing Lane: A reduction in speed limits; ‘Gateway’ features; and, visual narrowing by using white lines to aide motorists and reduce speeds.
  3. New parking bays at the eastern end of Eashing Lane (at the junction of Portsmouth Road), and prohibiting parking on the downslope side of Eashing Lane to avoid unrestricted parking conflicting with traffic.
  4. Resurfacing of New Way, making it more attractive to pedestrians and cyclists as a direct route in to the town centre all year round.
  5. Safety improvements around the Westbrook Road railway tunnel to raise awareness of cyclists in the area.

Car club spaces will be provided on site which will be available for the use of new and existing residents.

Whilst it is acknowledged that the development would generate traffic, the test is whether the increase would be significant. We have carried out extensive consultation with the highway authority to demonstrate that development would not have a seriously adverse impact on the highway network. The proposed highway improvements are being provided to help alleviate concerns over traffic in the local area and make the existing junctions, that are not working at capacity, more attractive to use than other routes.